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Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you! You and Rachel were the best investment we made in this whole wedding! As I look back at the event there were several times where I knew I would have totally stressed out but you guys were there to save the day! Bob and I TRULY enjoyed ourselves!!! Melissa and Eric are so thrilled and appreciative at how their wedding unfolded. Melissa said she cried more the day after as she looked back at how everything was what she dreamed of and more!!!! What else could parents ask for! It was truly a memorable day for our family in so many ways!! You're the best!

Jeremy and I can’t thank you enough for helping make our wedding day perfect. We couldn’t have asked for things to run more smoothly. I truly appreciate your patience and always excellent advice throughout the wedding planning process. It was the day I dreamed of, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

#1 BEST kept secret in Northwest Ohio for wedding coordination is Brooke and Bee for the Day!! I would HIGHLY recommend Brooke and Bee for the Day services to help with the wedding planning, decision making, and for the day of the wedding services. Brooke is a great third party to ask opinions and bounce information and ideas off of. Very knowledgeable, thoughtful, and caring about your wedding day! Treats you as if you were the only one she was helping. I made sure Brooke and Bee for the Day were available before I finalized my wedding date. I could not of imagined my wedding day without Brooke and her "Bees." I don't know how couples have a wedding without the services of Bee for the Day. Worth every penny!! Very trustworthy and time effective with their services. I can't thank Brooke Lauber-Cobb, Jenna Sqires, and Yvonne Trevino enough for all you efforts and hard work during our wedding day! Guests are still talking about how wonderful the day was weeks after! Thank You.

Thank you so much for everything! You have been so helpful through all of this! We could not...no should not...trust anyone else with our special day. You're truly an artist of your craft. Thanks so much!

Dear Brooke & Rachel,
Now that things have settled a little, we just wanted to take an opportunity to say a huge "THANK YOU"! Our wedding day was beautifully perfect, and we couldn't have done it without you.

My mom has said repeatedly that she would like to hire the Bees for "organizing life in general" and we agree! Planning an out of town wedding with family members who sometimes seemed to be coming from opposing viewpoints had the potential to be stressful - but you guys were there whenever we needed you -- with advice, an answer to a question, or a spare bobby pin!

We are thanking our lucky stars that we had the common sense to hire you - thank you so much for making our wedding a fun, happy day!! Love Katie & Ryan 12-20-13


Thank you so much for everything you did for us on our big day! We were so glad to have you there as our "insurance policy" to take care of anything that came up! It was such an amazing NO STRESS day with you and your bees there! I will recommend you to anyone that it was worth every penny. We loved the Bees and their enthusiasm throughout our entire snowy day! Thank you thank you thank you. You're the best!


I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you to you, Heather, and Grace for helping Jordan and I (and my mom & dad) through our engagement, rehearsal and wedding.

You were all amazingly helpful with everything- whether it was a question or concern during planning, or a "what do we do now" during the wedding day, I knew I had nothing to worry about. I can't tell you how many times I asked Heather or Grace if we should do something during those two days and they responded with a "we already took care of it". Very comforting.

Your Bees are professional and understanding, helpful and always thinking ahead. I really can't tell you enough how glad I am to have worked with you and your team. I tell everyone about the wonders the Bees work, and that they are crazy if they don't work with you for their weddings. Even Jordan was like wow! They were awesome! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


Planning a wedding is obviously a very stressful time. After I booked several vendors and Bee For The Day, I began to worry if I had done the right thing. I had my church coordinator and venue coordinator in my ear telling me that I was foolish for hiring The Bees, that THEY would take care of everything for me and I had wasted my money. I had my own father and mother in law telling me it was an unnecessary expense. Now that my wedding day has come and gone, I can honestly say those people couldn't have been more wrong! My father and mother in law came to me and apologized after, saying they could definitely see how The Bees were worth every penny and how glad they were to have them. Both of my "coordinators" dropped the ball several times, and The Bees cleaned up their messes. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE BEES was all I could think at the end of our wedding day! They handled all of the issues that were thrown at them flawlessly. They made sure I was eating and hydrated before the ceremony. They helped carry my dress over rainy mud puddles. They held on to all of my touchup makeup for me. They kept my crazy family members away from me when I asked them to. They took care of payments and tips for me. They took the burden off of my parents and allowed them to fully enjoy the day. They made sure my groom and I were happy at all times. I could go on and on about how fantastic they were. Hands down, the ABSOLUTE BEST MONEY I SPENT ON OUR WEDDING was for the Bees. If you have any hesitation whatsoever, DON'T. Just hire them, they'll be your little lifesavers as they were mine. I can't thank Brooke, Sara, and Julianne enough for taking control of the day and the stress off my shoulders. I think EVERY bride needs The Bees on their wedding day!


Brooke and her team were absolutely amazing throughout our entire planning process and wedding day. We have been married five years and are still learning about unexpected hiccups on our wedding day that Brooke took care of without us knowing about at the time. We were able to completely enjoy our wedding day without any stress or worry, and looking back I would not change a thing!


I'm not sure how many Father of the Brides you hear from. But I felt the need to say thank you to Rachel & Lindsay! And tell any other FOB's about the value of Bee for the Day's services. I was skeptical to say the least when I first heard we were using them. Looking at it in dollars & sense (pun intended) I didn't see the need. Keep reading guys. Seeing Rachel "do what she does" at the rehearsal...organizing the form and flow of the ceremony, going over the schedule of the big day, gathering items from us for the reception...I thought, wow she made that easy. On Jaquie's (and Nathan's) wedding day both our Bees were on point with every detail. We all got to enjoy the wedding while they took on the stresses of the moment for us. At the reception we walked into a beautifully set up and decorated hall, thanks to our Bee's work and working with our vendors to ensure every detail was met. We were able to enjoy the night without any burden on us. They handled the flow of the reception and it was perfect. If there were any issues we didn't have to worry or even know about them because they were taken to and handled by our Bees! They made it a STRESS FREE night for my wife and I that let us enjoy our guests. So any FOB's that are told to read this...Bee for the Day is money well spend. Happy Wife=Happy Life!! Proud FOB and happy customer.


Thank you so much for all you did for Sarah and Nick's wedding at Sacred Heart Church & reception at Maumee Bay Lodge. I can't imagaine it being any more perfect! And I was able to relax and savor every moment knowing you were all there for us. Thanks for all your advice and leadership!


I can't thank you enough for all your help, support and guidance for our wedding. You have so much knowledge and so much to give. You are very good at what you do! I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with you. Your bees, Sara and Heather, gave so much to us that day. I felt very comfortable knowing they were there. Thank you to them. And how fantastic that you popped in for a visit! It as so great to see you and you got to see us in full party mode! Thank you for all that you do.


My AMAZING BEES: Words can not describe how wonderful the two of you are! I don't know what I would have done without you there for me on my very special day! I had this thought that weddings were easy and as any bride knows the closer you get to the day the less you feel that way. With your knowledge and support to me, my now husband :) and my families, we were able to enjoy the entire day without a worry in the world! You were there to handle the things large and small and to be honest I never knew anything was ever off track....which is a GREAT feeling!! I had lip gloss when I needed it, a drink always in my hand, and a sense of relief knowing you were both there making sure that our day was wonderful! Its hard to find two ladies that care as much about your wedding day as you and so I thank you for caring and for helping make my dreams come true! To all the brides out there....I promise this is the best gift anyone could give you...A Bee for the Day!!


I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you and your "Bee's" for all the help this past weekend. You were truly a blessing in disguise. If I could say one thing to anyone who is wondering if this is worth it or not, CUT something else out of your budget -- but don't cut the Bee's.


We can't thank you enough for all of your help before and on our wedding day. Knowing that you both were never far away allowed us to relax and enjoy every moment of our special day. You truly are amazing at what you do and our wedding would not have been the same without you. Thank you so much!


Words cannot express how thankful we are for all your help at our wedding! Everything looked more beautiful and went more smoothly than I could've imagined, and we are so grateful for all your hard work, and for putting up with Megan's nit-picking and obsessing over every detail! :) I don't know how brides do it without you, and I had a blast getting to know Brooke over the last 8 months. I'm sad the wedding is over (even though the marriage is just beginning!) and I'll miss working with you! Thanks again!


Your bees were fantastic! They took care of our bridesmaids and helped keep everything going. They were soo organized! Everything went so smoothly. Thanks to all of you!


It has been a pleasure working with you! Your help putting together all the details and keeping everything on track and all the players in place was invaluable! With you there, I was able to relax and enjoy Kendal's wedding. The wedding was fabulous!! And Ken's welcome was beyond wonderful. I'm already recommending you to others. Kendal and John loved the apartment surprise too! Thanks Brooke. You are the best.


You are amazing! I don't know what I would have done without you. You are adorable, full of energy, organized and always know the right thing to do. Thank you for helping to make Ali and Charlie's wedding a wonderful and memorable experience. Warm wishes and gratitude!


We just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you put into today and making it so special for us. We appreciate everything you've done to help things run so smoothly. Thanks for everything.


Thank you so much for ALL that you did in helping us plan our wedding. Your advice and strategies are genius. We simply wouldn't have enjoyed this process as much if you weren't involved. My family and I thought of you as family and we recommend you to everyone we know! Good luck to you and Bee For the Day! It is truly a magical business you own! Love and thanks!


Thanks for making our wedding such a great success! It was so nice knowing that we could just enjoy the weekend and you two were there to handle everything. Charlie said it best when he asked, "What would we have done without them?" Thanks for everything. It was great working with you!


Bruce and I want to thank you for making this wedding journey seamless, educating, and worry free. We thank you for your reassurance as neither of us are comfortable in this arena. We appreciate your patience and professionalism. You made us feel like we never asked a "stupid question." We know you have our backs. It is very evident to me that we had the first team -- the dream team, so to speak -- you all put forth extra efforts to make our day special. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asks me...and I'm sure I will get inquiries. Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for being patient, and thank you for having the right color thread to sew Jess back into the dress. You never let on that I asked dumb questions and most of all you allowed me to enjoy this special day that comes once in a lifetime. We thank you on behalf of Sara and Jonathon.


Mark and I so appreciate everything you did to make Sara and Steve’s Wedding special. At the end of the reception Sara told me it was everything she dreamed of and Steve said he thought it would be great but he never expected this. That said it all.

It was a joy working with you.


Just about to leave to drive the newlyweds to the airport for their honeymoon. Dave's family all came over to their house yesterday to visit before driving back. Everyone raved about the wedding to them. They are euphoric. So are we. I never had so many nice comments from people and I truly think they were all true....it was the prettiest church, the ceremony was lovely, the flowers were beautiful, the bride looked gorgeous, the confetti was fun, the party at the reception was great, on and on and on. None of that would have been true without you. I am so deeply grateful to you for being the glue that bonded us all seamlessly and took away the lines and creases of worry that would have been etched on all our faces. We could not have had fun if you had not been there. Thank you for that. Thanks for giving me, Meg, and all my family wonderful memories we'll keep forever.


I wanted to pass along thank yous to you for all that you did on Saturday July 17th at our wedding!!

Jason and I were very impressed at your efficiency, but we were more impressed with your thoughtfulness!! You took the time to make sure everyone was in the right place at the right time, and the positive authoritative attitude you showed was priceless. But you also went out of your way to make sure everyone was comfortable, including keeping me calm and sane!

I have experience with dozens of corporate event planners, and I have never seen one go out of their way as you did!! You were prepared for anything and everything, and I think you probably even had a mini refrigerator in your apron if we would have needed one :)


I've been meaning to send you a real note, and I'm still holding out hope that will happen one day, but for now I just had to email you a big THANK YOU for your invaluable help with our wedding.

I knew why I wanted to work with a wedding coordinator. I knew that I wanted someone to help me find great vendors (which you did), someone knowledgable to bounce ideas off during the planning stage (which you were) and someone who could handle all the little things that might go awry on the wedding day (did anything like this happen? You and your staff did such a wonderful job that I didn't even notice).

What I didn't know was how free I would feel having you there to keep things running smoothly. I didn't have to run around, or bark, or make a single phone call. Group photographs went so much more smoothly because you were there to expertly gather and arrange people. Unexpected guests were welcomed and seated without me or my family having to make awkward adjustments. It was wonderful.

So thank you for the huge contribution you made to me and my family. The wedding was all I could have hoped for, and I can't tell you how many guests told us it was the best they've ever attended. We truly couldn't have done it without you.


I know I have said this all over facebook, but I wanted to tell you again how happy we are that you and Heather were a part of our wedding day! I seriously can NOT imagine having my wedding without you there. I know that you all work so hard, and we ALL think that you are truly the very best at what you do. You not only made my day perfect, you also made sure that I didn't have to worry about ANYTHING! From seeing an extra guest arrive, to finding a generator, to taking care of finding a replacement for the broken down trolley, and of course showing up at Mon Ami AFTER A LONG day, you really did it all.

Charlie, my parents, his family, my bridesmaids, grandparents, etc, were all SO IMPRESSED with the way you run things. You really let NOTHING slip through the cracks! Trust me - that is soooo important to me - I'm a bit of a control freak, so giving my wedding day up to you was a HUGE thing for me....I have to say, I could not be happier!

I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED working with you. I know that from everyone at the Street/Wolfe camp, we can not wait to refer you to other brides & grooms! I can not wait to see what you and the rest of Bee for the Day has in store for the future. I know it will be truly amazing!!!

Let's definitely keep in touch!!!! Charlie & I are a bit obsessed with you :)


I have to tell you, kudos to you, your staff and the entourage of people that you surround yourself with. You are just like the fairy godmother who comes along and makes it all happen with the magic pixy dust that you keep in your apron pocket. Thank you for being a part of something wonderful that our family will remember for years to come. You are the best!!


We got married on June 1, 2002. Brooke was there for us every step of the way...she was AMAZING! I didn't want to have to worry about little last minute details on my wedding day...I just wanted to enjoy it, and Brooke made that happen. She has this fabulous little emergency suitcase filled with all of the little things that you might overlook when preparing for the big day. She was right there for me when I needed a breath mint or something to drink. I didn't have to worry about a thing! Hiring Brooke was the best decision we made! I recommend her to all future brides! Keep up the great work Brooke!


We can't begin to thank you enough for making our wedding so much less stressful for everyone involved. You truly have a gift for organization, communication, and assertiveness (always in the politest way of course!). All of your help with planning timing and specifics of everything we hadn't thought of made me realize this whole process would have been a nightmare without your expertise. So thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, and for making me the relaxed, happy bride I'd always hoped I could be.


We just wanted to tell you again how much we appreciate all of your help with planning the most perfect wedding we could have dreamed of! We never could have done it without you and are so thankful we had you!! We will recommend you to any/all of our friends and family who get engaged! YOU ARE THE BEST! Thanks again for being the BEST at what you do!


As someone who wasn’t sure I needed a wedding planner, let me tell you how wrong I was. The wedding planner isn’t just about coordination, in fact it was just as much of the little things Brooke did that were equally as important as the overall coordination. Without her I have no doubt that the occasion wouldn’t have been nearly the same. From letting groomsmen know how to treat the ladies, to orchestrating the bride and groom's first time seeing each other (which was prior to ceremony in our case), she kept this moment secluded and special, and coordinated with the photographer to capture this moment. Not a single person called or asked me any questions the entire wedding day/evening, they all went to Brooke … from coordinating bus arrivals at reception, when to serve dinner, to holding onto our speeches, sneaking wedding gift envelopes into our trunks. My daughter’s wedding was truly a celebration of all our dreams. I applaud Brooke for helping the celebration be magical and allowed our focus to be in truly feeling the love in the air, and not stress over if the bus would show up, or if the band was setting up on time, or if a person needed to be added to a table or ensuring handicap access to some guests. None of the details fell on me the wedding day and I never knew how important that aspect was to be able to truly appreciate the meaning of the occasion. While I did a lot of the planning prior to the wedding day, Brooke allowed me to do as much or little as I wished throughout. I think the part that really comes across is that Brooke’s many years of experience give her initiative to not wait for direction on what she should do, she intuitively knows. It can’t be put into words, but take my word from a person who wasn’t sure if a wedding coordinator was simply a luxury that isn’t needed. I now am convinced it would never have been the same without. For me, I now see Brooke as a necessity. It’s funny how we focus on florist, band and location because truly the wedding planner is the key.


What can I say? You are amazing, wonderful, fabulous...I need the dictionary. We are so happy with everything, everyone that you recommend for the wedding. The band was outstanding. Kyle, we love him. The valet parking guys...so many comments on our how nice they all took care of them. Heather was terrific!! You have a great team to create a wonderful wedding. With Love, Kay & Mark


Thank you again, so very much for helping to make Katherine and Alex's wedding so beautiful and enjoyable. The day of the wedding went so smoothly and I fully entrusted the day to you which allowed me to enjoy their day. John and I were very pleased. With your guidance we stayed on schedule, everyone knew where they needed to be and everything flowed well. My only complaint is that the day went so quickly and now it is only a blur of memories. Our sincere appreciation for your expertise, talent and organization. I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone looking for a wedding or event planner! I look forward to working with you again...maybe for Emmanuel's wedding.


I just want to thank you and tell you what a perfect wedding we had. Everything was unbelievably beautiful and the evening couldn't have gone any more smoothly. Rachel did a fantastic job keeping everyone organized and on time. Thank you so much for all your help. We couldn't have done it without you. I will be passing your name out to anyone I know planning a wedding in Toledo. Thanks again.


Brooke is totally responsible for my daughters wedding being one of the best days of my life. She is so capable and trustworthy, I knew that if something did happen to go awry she would fix it and all would be well. What a great eye for detail! Sensitive to cost control! She knows the best business services in the wedding planning process and gave us choices to explore. The planning process and the wedding were better than I had ever hoped was possible. We had fun!!! Love you Brooke.


It is hard for me to even put into words how grateful Matt and I are for all that you did to make our wedding day so special. You took the time to figure out who Matt and I were and you helped us build a day that was perfect for us. You really made planning our wedding fun and easy. The recommendations you made priceless. You surrounded us with people that knew their jobs. Thank you!!!!It was a day that we will treasure forever.


Brooke absolutely made my wedding a success! There are so many important details that go into planning a great wedding day (for the bride and groom, their family and guests) and Brooke thought ahead to all of them! Throughout the planning process she was able to answer all my questions, big and small. Her experience with so many previous weddings saved us a lot of time researching vendors, and she made great recommendations! She created a wonderfully organized timeline for our day, and she helped us stick to it in a relaxed manner.

Brooke made me feel relaxed on a potentially very stressful day! My entire family adored working with her--my sister still talks about her! When any of my friends ask for advice on what to do for their wedding, my number one answer is to hire Brooke! Her energetic and motivated personality were much appreciated from our first meeting through the last dance. I definitely couldn't have had such a great day without her.


I can tell you for sure that Brooke will be one of your best wedding investments! She is there to fix ANY of those last minute glitches so you will not have to worry about a thing. And while all of your bridesmaids are running around getting ready and the groomsmen are out goofing around - well... you won't have to worry about any of that. Brooke keeps tabs on every person in the wedding party, and she keeps them all in line. She handled absolutely everything. And another great thing about Brooke is that everybody enjoys her and enjoys being around her. She's fun. She's optimistic, and she's upbeat. You really are a lucky bride if she is on your team!


She was at our home on Saturday, which is where we had the photographer early in the day. She kept everyone moving forward in the right way, taking care of everything! She had straws so that Kathryn could have water without ruining her makeup -- she knew so many great tricks and took all the work away from me and turned my planning into an absolutely perfect wedding!

I recommend Brooke highly and completely. She is a pleasure to work with. She is bright, fun, and made the entire day go smoothly and beautifully. I do not have a single complaint about anything she did or didn't do -- and in fact, my husband and I were able to relax and ENJOY our daughter's wedding because of her!


I have always appreciated the hard work that you put into our wedding and the ease it put on our day. I enjoyed every minute of my wedding day and I now truly understand just how much of a role you played in that. Mom (and I) worked very hard to create our perfect day. You, on the other hand, allowed it to be perfect for us! When I hear my mom talk about how much fun she had I know that you are the person to thank for that. What you do is absolutely amazing and its something that I hope every one of your clients has been able to appreciate. Thank you so very much for being there for us!


Meeting you to discuss this put my mind at ease. Your enthusiasm for Lizzie and Jay was contagious. Your thoroughness almost surpassed mine! And your attention to detail was so helpful. As stated in the wedding program, you were truly a “second set of eyes.” Your timing of everything at the church was impeccable. Your handy “dab your nose Ann” Kleenex proved invaluable that hot day in October! We all appreciated your attention to our makeup and shiny noses!

What a pleasure it was for both John and myself to not have to worry about our duties at the reception. You were on top of everything, even distributing the many checks to various people. You kept track of our purses, our makeup, and even kept an eye on our guests. I wish we could do it all over again!!!!


Our wedding would not have been the same without Brooke. With her help in planning for a year before she helped to orchestrate, manage, and play out a flawless day for my husband Mark and I. She was with me every step of the way to assist with the organizing of vendors, sticking to a budget, and using her creativity to help us envision our dream wedding. We could not have done it without her and are forever grateful for the all the hard work she did for us. I would recommend her services to all brides and grooms looking for a stress-less experience.


One of Brooke’s strongest qualities in my opinion is her attention to detail. There are so many details involved in planning a wedding and Brooke was always on top of things. I remember several times lying in bed at night and the smallest thing would cross my mind, I would then mention it to Brooke and she already had it done! She would frequently email me updated agendas and timelines which I found to be very helpful. Although Brooke was instrumental in planning my wedding, I found that having her with me on my actual wedding day was crucial. She was miraculously everywhere, knew every relative and wedding party member and made sure they were all where they were supposed to be. She even travels with a kit that can fix any dress or make-up mishap. One of the greatest things is that she deals with all of the people involved so that you don’t have to. At my wedding, we gave her envelopes with final payments so that all of us could just relax and enjoy the day with no worries. She took care of everything!


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