About Us

Brooke Lauber-Cobb saw the unique opportunity to bring a wedding coordinating service to the Toledo, Ohio area. As she saw it, all successful events and projects have a Project Manager; why shouldn’t weddings have one? Bee for the Day opened in 1994 with a mission to take the stress out of wedding planning.

With so many aspects to wedding planning, many people don’t realize the magnitude of tasks until it’s time to plan their own wedding. We believe couples and their families shouldn’t have to worry about all the details, but rather sit back and enjoy every moment of the wedding weekend. Bee for the Day currently has over 20 coordinators (or as we call them, “Bees”) who strive to make your wedding day feel timeless.

What to Expect

Becoming a “Bee Client”:

Once you become a Bee for the Day client, you will gain access to “The Hive” section of our website. “The Hive” is a client login portal that features recommended vendors from the Northwest Ohio area, planning tips, and helpful guides, (to name a few,) to assist in your wedding planning success. Using this Bee for the Day exclusive feature saves you HOURS of searching online for the perfect team to execute your vision to assure you are on the right path for a successful event.

Before the wedding:

Let’s face it, you will spend months planning your wedding. Hiring the “Bees” is like securing the best insurance policy. Bee for the Day charges an hourly rate, and you decide how much you would like to use our services. We are your “on call” wedding planner so when questions or concerns arise, we provide a solution. Oftentimes our clients will plan their entire wedding and require someone to simply manage the wedding day. Other clients may not have the availability to be as involved during the planning leading up to the wedding weekend. In any situation, we’re here for you!

Wedding Weekend:

Your “Lead Bee” will attend your rehearsal to guarantee everyone knows their role or specific duty, arrival times and locations. The rehearsal is also our opportunity to meet your families and wedding party. We feel this is one of the most important events the Bees will be a part of; great rehearsals prepare for a flawless wedding day.

Like Mary Poppins, on your wedding day, we arrive with our emergency kit in hand. From tape and superglue to a sewing kit and aspirin, we have it all. Brooke has often been heard saying “our emergency kits are 30 years of experiences and what ifs in one bag.” The Bees help the wedding party as they get ready, assist vendors, and run errands, all while implementing the timeline to assure everything is running according to schedule. We coordinate everything from gathering your family members for photos, to tearing down at the end of the night.

We can’t wait to help you plan your wedding. Let’s get started!